Different Kinds Of Alcohol Screening Methods In Arizona


Too much alcohol intake while driving is one of the causes of car accidents in Arizona. Alcohol is a kind of substance that is legal all over the world and this is the reason why a lot of people drink it, however some people drink too much of this substance, and this why there are companies that conduct alcohol screening. Too much alcohol has a lot of negative effects.

These are the reasons why there is a demand for more advance alcohol screening methods, so they can immediately detect the alcohol level of a person who drank alcohol. Saliva test, urine test and breathalyzer are non-invasive alcohol screening methods, both of these methods are very common and simple. There are a lot of alcohol screening AZ methods. Saliva test, blood test, urine test, hair test, and breath test are the five most common alcohol screening test. Below each method will be further explained.

Here are different types of alcohol screening methods:

  1. Blood alcohol screening method

Blood alcohol screening method is really an invasive method. In this test, they will know the amount of alcohol that is the blood of the person. This test can provide accurate results since it can know if the person exceeded its alcohol limit or not. However, this test cannot determine the addiction of the person to alcohol and the time when the person drank alcohol. Alcohol blood test is actually expensive.

  1. Saliva alcohol screening method

This kind of test is effective after a whole day of alcohol consumption. This test will search for alcohol in the saliva of the person. This test is not that expensive since this is a non-invasive procedure. In order for companies to test their employees they use this kind of method. You can quickly get the results of this test.

  1. Breathalyzer screening method

Law enforcement use the breathalyzer to determine if the driver is intoxicated with alcohol. This device is portable and it provides immediate results. The person that will take the test will breath unto the device and immediately see the results.

  1. Urine alcohol screening method

Some people consider this alcohol screening Arizona method as a very convenient way to test the level of alcohol. In order to determine the persons alcohol intoxication is by testing the urine. You just need to wait for a couple of hours before you will get the results of this test. This test can actually detect alcohol up to 3-4 days after alcohol intake.

  1. Hair alcohol screening method

This is a new kind of alcohol screening method. The hair of a person is a historical record of the persons alcohol use. This method is best use for people that is addicted to alcohol.